Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko Impeached

Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko

A section of the Nairobi Members of County Assembly (MCAs) has voted for the imprachment of Governor Mike Sonko. The ward representatives supporting the motion anchored on violation of the Constitution, abuse of office and gross misconduct. During the Thursday, December 03 session, 88 MCAs voted yes, two voted no, while 22 abstained from the voting process. The County Assembly Speaker Benson Mutura announced the vote to remove Sonko confirming the two-thirds required to impeach the county boss has been met “I can confirm that the vote has met the two-thirds requirement to decide on this question,” he said. Embakasi MCA Michael Ogada who is also the minority leader in the assembly tabled the motion in which he outlined accusations against Sonko. The MCA further accused him of sinking the county in unimaginable huge debts besides failing to clear pending bills. “Sonko has, however, proved to members that he is not a manager, so he has to go,” he told the sitting.  Recall that aweek ago, the governor said he was not afraid of being impeached and vowed not to be blackmailed into signing an unconstitutional bill. According to him, “I can not sign something I know is illegal, the law must be followed in everything we do,”

About 20 MCAs allied to Sonko who accompanied him to Kwale county in protest of the ongoing impeachment motion have claimed the assembly leadership logged them in to vote. Sonko is reported to have hosted 70 ward reps at Diani Beach from where they were following the impeachment proceedings.

Heavy security at City Hall during Governor Mike Sonko’s impeachment motion.

Speaking to the press shortly after the debate on the ouster of Governor Sonko began, the ward reps raised a red flag over what was happening in City Hall after realizing some of their colleagues had been logged in to vote for the motion. The MCAs have vowed to take action to delegitimize the exercise. Sonko will now face the senate which will now determine his political survival in future.

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