Deputy President, Williams Ruto Backs Health Workers After Raila Calls For Return To Work

ODM Leaders, Raila Odinga speaking to health workers that they took an oath to protect lives

The Deputy President of Kenya, Williams Ruto has come out to hit it back on politicians calling on health workers to shelve their monthly pay and adequate protection demands. He did this on Tuesday when he said that issues of healthcare workers should wait for political processes to end first before being attended to. According to him, “I think it is reckless and irresponsible for anybody to say that we wait for political processes so that we can find the money to address the pandemic that we are in. I think that is putting the cart before the horse. Let us sort out the pandemic, the political processes will follow.” He made this known at his remarks in Kericho Country during the burial of Lt. Gen. (RTD), John Koech. According to him,

The issues raised by the healthcare workers who are at the frontline in tackling the coronavirus should be given consideration as they continue to battle with the virus, which has caused more than 1,500 deaths. To be able to deal effectively with the health pandemic, there is no other place to start other than making sure that our healthcare workers are properly equipped with Personal Protective Equipment and they are paid and their allowances are taken care of and all the issues they have raised are addressed,” His remarks is coming a day after ODM leader, Raila Odinga urged doctors not to hold the government at ransom by embarking on an industrial action. According to Raila, “Doctors took an oath to protect lives and going on strike while Kenyans are dying was contrary to this. The government has directed the Ministry of Health to immediately engage with the leadership of all the healthcare workers in the country to make sure that their grievances are addressed. At this time of the pandemic, healthcare workers come first and their issues, asking all governors to address healthcare workers’ issues over any other considerations. Therefore I appeal to the healthcare unions to understand where the country is at the moment, even as they demand their issues to be solved.”

Deputy President Of Kenya, William Ruto

The DP said the PPEs which are currently held at the Kemsa stores and under probe should be released first and distributed to the healthcare workers. According to him, “As the government, we have said that the PPEs under investigations at Kemsa should be released and distributed to the healthcare workers as probe continues so that they can be able to take their place in making sure that the Covid patients are taken care of.”

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