Impeached Nairobi Governor’s Daughter Enjoyed Lavish New York Trip On Country Funds, Senate Told

Senators when Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko arrived at the Senate-Assembly for his impeachment debate at parliament buildings, Nairobi

The Senate heard that Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko treated one of his daughters to a lavish trip to New York City at the expense of the taxpayer. This happened during the house’s plenary trial of the governor following his impeachment by the Nairobi County Assembly. While making the evidence for the removal of the governor available to the house, the County Assembly Minority Leader, Michael Ogada averred that Sonko flew his daughter in a first-class flight to the US which translated in the misappropriation of public funds. He also told the plenary that the governor’s daughter spent Sh220,000 on a chopper flying around New York City, and another “offside party at Sh260,000 from first lady’s conference in Philadelphia,” where Sh60,000 was spent on the trip. He further claimed that Sh120,000 was given to reporters and additional Sh300,000 on transport. Equally, he testified that a county official was tasked with withdrawing Sh2.6 million from the county’s account, which she handed governor Sonko’s bodyguard to be used for facilitation by her daughter.

According to him, “The Sh2.6 million used on per diem, a junior officer from the county was forced to go and withdraw it using her name in the company of a bodyguard of His Excellency the Governor. After withdrawing the cash, the bodyguard walked away with [money],” He further told the House that a part of the money was wired directly to the airline which later processed the air ticket for the daughter. Let note that Harrison Kinyajui is representing Governor Sonko. Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru Kinyanjui who once represented the Kirinyaga Country Assembly n the impeachment of Governor Anne Waiguru is leading the assembly team. Recall that Governor Michael Sonko was impeached on December 2, after 88 members voted in favour of Mr Ogada’s impeachment motion. Members you have made a decision and the assembly has resolved to remove Sonko from office by two-thirds of the members,” said Speaker Benson Mutura after the vote. The assembly accused the governor of gross violation of the Constitution and related laws, abuse of office and gross misconduct, and crimes under the national law.

House plenary session on Nairobi Governor, Michael Sonko Impeachment debate

Mr. Ogada pointed out that the governor bypassed crucial procurement procedures in the building of the Dandora Stadium. He also accused the governor of sanctioning tax relief in the county behind the backs of the county assembly members contrary to the law. The governor was also accused bragging about his criminal past. A standoff ensued as Mr Ogada wanted to play audio and video clips to pin down Sonko at the dissatisfaction of some senators who were alarmed by the choice of words the county chief used in the clips. According to one of the protester, nominated senator, Millicent Omanga she said and I quote, “The audio clip cannot be played… I am a mother and a wife and the children are watching, ” Notwithstanding this, a series of video and audio clips rolled eliciting giggles and laughter from the lawmakers. In the background, the governor could be heard hurling insults as his accusers made their case against him.

According to the assembly, the governor at some point told President Uhuru Kenyatta to help him run the county and rid it of rampant corruption by transferring its critical functions to the National Government. But when he signed the Deed of Transfer with the National Government, he refused to surrender crucial documentation to the Kenya Revenue Authority for revenue collection. Sonko was also faulted for breaching public trust he owned up to signing the Deed of Transfer of crucial county functions to the Nairobi Metropolitan service while drunk. His exchange with Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris also played out as the county chief was accused of using insensitive language towards women.

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