Gen. Muntu, Tumukunde Hit Back At President Museveni

The Alliance for National Transformation presidential candidate, Maj. Gen. Mughisa Muntu and his counterpart, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumunkunde have hit backed at President Yoweri Museveni for calling them non-starters. Recall that while in Rukungiri District on Monday, President Yoweri Museveni and the presidential candidate of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), said that he can not hand over power to Lt. Gen. Tumukunde, Maj. Gen. Muntu or Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye because they allegedly failed to learb from his experience of guerrilla fighting to promote household income. According to him, “I want to open a case against people like my brother Besigye, Tumukunde and Muntu for causing stillbirth in the development of this area. I am angry with those men because I have nothing I want in politics but they keep saying go away.” The Candidates of the opposition parties then came out to say that the president’s claim are panic remarks because of the looming defeat in the election coming up on January 14 2021.

Let also not forget the fact that the trio fought alongside President Museveni during the 1981-1986 guerilla war but have since fallen out with him on grounds that he deviated from ideals of the liberation struggle. Yesterday, Maj. Gen. Muntu noted that Mr. Museveni’s remarks show that he is feeling the growing demand for change among Ugandans. According to him, “He is feeling the pressure. That is why he lashed out but whatever he says, it won’t change the dynamics of the situation as they are. Change will happen.” Also, Lt. Gen. Tumukunde who served as Security Minister and Head of Intelligence in Museveni’s government noted that it is not the mandate or choice of President Museveni to hand over power to anyone in the election race. According to him, “ If it was for Obote to bequeath power to Museveni, I don’t think he would have done that. So it is not true that it is President Museveni to decide whom to hand over power to. President Museveni gives an impression that we are like hired slaves that are supposed to serve under him forever, permanently and pensionable. That is too patronizing on others.”

Furthermore, In Butebo District yesterday, Maj. Gen. Muntu told voters that his former boss should appreciate the work they did together with him. According to him, “ Mr. Museveni knew the values and potential of the NRA cadres and that is why he trusted Muntu with the responsibility as army commander. If he is honest enough, he should be using us as a reference that we served this country well and never stole taxpayers’ money. He made a choice to preside over corruption and intolerance and we made a choice to stick to the ideals for which we fought,”

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