Uganda Election: Vote Counting Begins, First Batch Of Official Results Expected At 9pm

Voters Casting Their Votes

Vote counting in the January 14 Uganda General Election began few minutes after 5 pm when the exercise was officially closed. Long queues stretching out of select poll stations were witnessed in the historic election that saw the East African country shut down the internet and communication channels. Voters who were still in the queue by the official closing time, were allowed the poll agents to vote. Reports had it that the electoral commission assured the public that it was doing everything within its means to relay the first batch of results starting 9 pm on the election day. The presidential results will be officially announced after 48 hours, basically two days after the exercise.

Heavy Military Presence At Some Of The Polling Stations

A contingent of military officers were witnessed in violence hotspots such as Kampala and its environs with reports indication several media personalities were denied access in some centers. The reporters were required to get an authorization letters from resident district commissioners, the initial accreditation were issued by the media council and the electoral commission. Earlier in the morning, the poll agency admitted several Biometric Voter Verification machines that had been deployed to 34,684 polling stations failed. According to a sources at some polling stations, polling materials reached most destinations in time but failure by the kits forced most polling clerks to revert to manual voting. According to one of the sources, “Unlike in previous elections, the central region which is the opposition’s stronghold has received polling materials in time. I have crisscrossed eight sub-counties and things are still calm. Right now I am at Kira Municipality,” Since the stations opened at 7am, voter turnout had been impressive but the cumbersome manual voting saw some voters give up and return home.

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