Governor Seyi Makinde

President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday met with Seyi Makinde, Oyo state governor and Rotimi Akeredolu, Ondo state governor at the presidential villa, Abuja, to discuss the insecurity facing the south west Geo-political zone. Governor Makinde said he came to brief the president the accurate information on the Oyo insecurity situation given the amount of fake information flying about. Makinde said, “There has been a lot of fake news all around and I wanted to be sure that Mr. President clearly have first hand information from me, which I did. We also exchanged ideas on what we need to do so as to better some of the programs we have put in place to ensure that this security issue is tackled. So, that’s basically why I came here”.

Elaborating on the specific issues he discussed with the president he said: “One of the issues I discussed with Mr. President is that Oyo state land mass is quite big. Oyo state is close to 29, 000 square kilometers, and the state right now only has two mobile police squadrons. So, I requested for more mobile police to be deployed to Oyo state and also ask for support for the joint security outfit because the underlying issue here has to do with limited opportunities. The tension will definitely go down if a lot of our youths are gainfully employed. I briefed the president on what we are doing in that regard.” Speaking about the ultimatum for Fulani’s to leave Oyo state by Sunday Igboho, the governor said: “well, we have a history of living together peacefully amongst all the ethnic groups that are present in Oyo state. What triggered all of this was that Dr. Aborede was brutally murdered, that is criminal, but on the other hand, Seriki Alhaji Kabir has been staying in that same place for over 40 years. So quite frankly, the people we are after are criminals. They are the bandits, hoodlums, armed robbers, kidnappers. Those are the true enemy of the state and those are the people we will go after. The constitution of Nigeria guarantees that you can live in any part of Nigeria, you just have to be law abiding, obey the local laws in such areas. That is what we are pushing and will continue to push as a government.”

The Ondo state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu declined to comment on the essence and outcome of the meeting with Mr. President. But the Ooni of Ife, who met with Buhari on Tuesday, said he went to appeal to the president on the need not to allow the issue of insecurity in the country to become politicized. He admonished that politics should be separated from insecurity in order not to jeopardize the lives of citizens. He said: “The take home here is that the president has assured that insecurity will not be a political thing because we all know the problem all over the country, we have a lot of bad eggs that mix across the entire country and we are having that issue again in the south west”. On the replacement of service chiefs, the Ooni said: “It is a very positive coincidence for me, it’s a good refreshment, there is a new blood and we have actually given very positive encouragement to Mr. President that he should keep it up. It is a very courageous move for fresh minds to come in.”

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