Raymond Moi Blast Baringo MCA’s For Felling BBI Yet County Is Deep In Poverty

Chaos at Baringo county assembly during BBI debate.

Raymond Moi blasts Baringo MCAs for felling BBI yet county is deep in poverty. Moi who hails from Baringo and whose father Daniel arap Moi ruled Kenya for 24 years until 2002, said the county is deep in poverty that only the BBI bill can address. Speaking at a public rally in Nakuru county on Friday, February 13, the KANU politician said the reasons given for the rejection of the bill were flimsy and lame. Baringo is a very poor county and they are rejecting the BBI bill and they are MCAs. Let me get to Baringo, it is the MCAs who have rejected the bill not the people. They will see us, we will be on a groundwork. I want to tell the people to vote out all the MCAs who opposed the bill. Vote them out in 2022,” he told the gathering. At the same time, KANU secretary-general Nick Salat and other pro-BBI politicians at the function claimed MCAs were working on instructions from certain quarters. Salat noted the Baringo residents will be the biggest losers should the bill fail to sail through insisting there are certain clauses which will specifically address some of their challenges. Recall it was previously reported of the chaos and commotion that rocked the assembly as KANU MCAs and Jubilee colleagues traded barbs as the minority demanded for public participation. “Mr. Speaker, I know there are some Jubilee members here who are conniving to shoot down the bill which is sponsored by the government, this is very unfair,” claimed Amaya Selemoi. After a heated debate, 30 MCAs voted overwhelmingly to throw out the Constitutional Amendment bill being fronted by through the BBI. Only five MCAs voted in support of the bill.

The West Pokot County In session

On other news making the rounds at this hour, West Pokot county has made headlines after becoming the first county in Rift Valley to pass the 2020 Constitutional amendment bill. West Pokot Members of County Assembly (MCAs) unanimously voted to endorse the bill on Tuesday, February 16, citing the proposed additional resources from 15% to 35% which they said would enhance development in the region. Kenyans on social media express varied opinions after the county led by Governor John Lonyangapuo passed bill which was developed under the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI). Some of the social media post are as follows:

Jane Kyalo posed: “Is West Pokot among Deputy President William Ruto’s home-based counties that you all claim are a sure bet in the Rift?”

Rono Norman said: “West Pokot and Busia county assemblies have decided. It is better to have a 640 Member Parliament for Inclusivity. They join Kisumu, Homa bay and Siaya Counties on their way to the Promised Canaan as they pass the BBI Bill to change the Constitution of Kenya.”

Disembe tweeted: “With West Pokot passing BBI, it is now obvious that only Nandi/Kipsigis counties will reject BBI. There are high chances Elgeyo Marakwet will pass BBI.”

Lord Mutai said: “Who said all Kalenjin must listen to “crooked wheelbarrow mikokoteni politics?”. Bravo West Pokot! Elgeiyo Marakwet will also Pass the document. Standby.”

Baringo was the first county to reject the bill after at least 30 of its members voted to throw it out.

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