Mike Sonko A No-Show In Court ‘Over Bipolar Disorder, Excessive Weight

Mike Sonko And Some Medical Personnel In Court

Special Prosecutor Taib Ali Taib on Wednesday told a court to issue a warrant of arrest against former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko in the Sh10 million Webtribe bribery case. Sonko had been ordered to appear in court by Magistrate Douglas Ogoti but failed to. Taib said Sonko has been using his sickness as an excuse not to appear in court. He now wants a government doctor to examine him and a report filed in court as soon as possible. Sonko’s lawyers want the matter adjourned but Taib said, ‘Stating from the bar that accused is ill is not sufficient reason in law for granting an adjournment.’ Taib maintained there are procedures and evidence should be placed in court and shared with the state in a bid to sway the court into granting an adjournment. Sonko’s lawyers are John Khaminwa, Assa Nyakundi and Wilfred Nyamu. According to Talib, “These are nothing more than shenanigans by Sonko to seek to derail the hearing of this case. He seeks to not only do so by filing multiple applications but by also absconding court attendance.”

Khaminwa on the other hand claimed Sonko cannot make it to court, saying he was in bad shape. He claimed Sonko suffers from bipolar disorder, excessive body weight, high cholesterol and sleep disorder. According to Nyakundi, “It’s unheard of for a prosecutor to issue a warrant of arrest to someone who is already in custody.” The defence also produced a document dated February 16 allegedly from Nairobi Hospital. It claimed the DPP shared it with them at Kahawa Law courts. But Taib has disputed it, saying there is no stamp on it allegedly from them or to the DPP. The document is a letter from Nairobi Hospital allegedly addressed to the officer in charge ATPU. It attaches a confidential medical report of Sonko. But Taib said it is not accompanied with a sworn affidavit. It also makes no recommendation or conclusion that he cannot attend court. It is the same document listing the bipolar disorder and high cholesterol issues.

Mike Sonko In Police Custody

A court on Tuesday ordered that former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko be confined to hospital bed until his condition improves. Meanwhile, police have been barred from questioning him until he gets well. Kahawa West Chief Magistrate Diana Mochache ordered that Sonko be taken back to the Nairobi Hospital after she received and reviewed a medical report that suggested the former governor is unwell.

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