Monthly Archives: April 2021

Country In Mess Due To Poor Governance, Say Gen. Muntu

The former presidential candidate for Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), Maj Gen (rtd) Mugishu Muntu, has said the country is currently in a mess due to poor governance. “This country is in a total crisis because of bad governance by President Museveni. I don’t think he will leave a positive legacy,” Maj Gen Muntu told a post-election review meeting for

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Let Us Rethink Phased Reopening Of Schools

The Ministry of Education and the government should, therefore, find ways to look into and manage the frustrations of the people. Otherwise, the rules will continue to be broken with untold consequences. Pupils and students have now begun going back to school in the phased manner that the government provided. As of April 6, Primary Four and Five pupils had

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