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Godswill is a writer who focuses on politics, more specifically on African politics. He is passionate in helping other Africans stay informed on issues of politics and good governance. His journey as a writer in African politics began due to the consistent and prevailing bad governance in Nigerian and Africa at large. He believes that the dreams of most youths in Africa is never realized due to corruption, dictatorships and bad governance. He leads a diverse team of professional writers from across Africa,in our strategic vision to disperse undiluted truth that would get the generation X thinking.

Dictators and cabals have for many years dominated the political landscape of Africa and he believes something drastic needs to be done to change the status quo or Africa would be doomed forever.

Godswill had his early education in Africa before moving to England. In England, he attended Newham collage of further education where he obtained a diploma in business. Subsequently, he graduated from the University of Greenwich with BA Business with Law degree.

His passion for education and to educate other’s is the main driver for this vision. He is a man that would rather be remembered by his contribution to humanity than self-gains. in his spare time, he like walking and playing soccer.


2017 Thomson Reuters Foundation Fellow: Gideon Sarpong (G. K. Sarpong) is a media
practitioner with over six years of experience in content development and management, data and
investigative journalism, policy analysis, production and e-commerce strategizing.
Gideon is currently the Ghana correspondent for WakeUp Africa. He is also the Editor, Brand
and Communication Manager for AE Media, in charge of six television programs.
Gideon is a consultant for Department of Geography & Regional Planning and Department of
Religion & Human Values at the University of Cape Coast. He is a columnist for several local
and international news portals and co-founder of iWatch Africa.
Gideon holds a PgD in Policy Journalism and Media Studies and is committed to promoting
transparency and accountability using investigative & data journalism.
Gideon is an author with over eight publications; a fellow of the Young African Leaders
Initiative (YALI), Thomson Reuters Foundation (Wealth of Nations Program) and Bloomberg
Data for Health Program

About this website

wakeupafrica360 is focused on providing undiluted perspective on all matters in African politics, governance and social cultural issues.

 The website was conceived out of the need to wake-up the youths of Africa, to the need to save Africa by taking proactive actions in challenging the status quo.

Our responsibility is to disperse information’s in such a way that would embolden the African future leaders, to take back their individual countries and save the continent.

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