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The forgotten groundnut pyramid of Northern Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the main producers of groundnut. It produces 41% of the total groundnut production in West Africa. The groundnut pyramids used to be noticeable in city of Kano State (Northern Nigeria) and proudly pointed out to visitors. The huge piles of sacks of groundnut that tapered to a point higher than most of the buildings, were a

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Effect of Border closure in the Nigeria-Ghana relationship

Nigeria to some extent closed border with Benin to avoid smuggling of rice. But despite the fact that the Nigerian authorities has made it clear to the Ghanaians that the Ghanaians were not the reason for closing the border, but to reduce the amount of illegalities going on in the country between Nigeria and Benin border. Ghanaian business has been

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The Legend of the Flowing Waters The third royal family of the Rwandan royal lineage before colonization saw the king going to war and leaving the queen’s bed lonely and without action. She then has to seek pleasure from a guard named Kamagere. The guard in the queen’s quarters found himself not living up to expectation, trembling and missing the

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Owing to the cheap and easy travel to Africa, the continent has now become the world’s second fastest growing tourist industry and the government driving the tourism business through new initiatives. In 2018, tourism and travel were paramount to the continent’s economy accounting for almost 8.1% of GDP and equally contributing $194.2 billion to the region’s economy. The tourism industry

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The Almond Industry in Africa

The almond is a specie of tree native to the Mediterranean climate of the Middle East but it is widely cultivated in several other nations. With loads of health benefits that come from almond including vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein amongst others, it is a tree of utmost important. In both developing and developed world, the demand for this fruit has

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Hate speech in Nigeria: The crime within?

From the onset, wars and other conflict have been caused by hate speech which can be seen as a radical statement centered against a person or a group of persons which can lead to tension and conflict. The major wars in history from the three Punic wars which the Roman Empire won, wars by the Athens Empire, Sparta, Persia, Wars

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Investment Opportunity in East Africa

The East African Region is one blessed with abundant resources and potentials ranging from agriculture, mining, energy and tourism with each providing investment opportunities. With a population of more than 130 million people, the region boasts of one of the largest single-bloc regional markets in Africa. In a bid to harness these potentials, the five partner states of the East

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Top 10 Richest States in Nigeria

With a population of over 180 million people, Nigeria is considered the largest country in Africa which through administrative division is made up of 36 states and the federal capital territory.  Each state partake in both the political, economic including legal decisions in the country and therefore contributes its quota when necessary. Below are the top 10 richest states in

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