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The UK House of Lords lends their voices to the killings in Nigeria!

Nigerians, must learn to stand up to condemn any government with nepotistic tendencies, these types of government is not good by any means of imagination for a country like Nigeria!

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Why senator Abaribe was arrested part 2!!

Senator Abaribe’s arrest, continues to raise dust, whilst questions are still being asked about his arrest, and the actual motive the current administration is hounding all its critics. Some critics have argued that there could be an intent by the Buhari lead government to silence all oppositions and this unfolding pattern appears to confirm that. The DSS allegedly arrested the

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President Buhari and his team are unelectable!

“Democracy in Nigeria is dying little by little.” Video credit: OAK TV Senator enyinnaya Abaribe has once again stated the obvious. This morning in the Hallow chamber of National Assembly, he stated that Nigeria’s democracy is dying little by little. This is following the consistent unacceptable behaviour of the IGP. He has continued to disregard and disrespect the law makers’

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