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The Nigerian Pastors And Their Nigerian god!

One life for the money and the other……. ( shine your eyes, Africans) Christianity, that is supposed to be the role model setter for others to follow, has been hijacked by dubious entities in Africa, especially Nigeria. The picture you are seeing is supposed to be an example of a Christian way of life and that of a none “born

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20 Minutes With Linus Okorie

Meet Linus Okorie In this exclusive two-part interview with AFRICA360 online TV, we had the privilege of speaking to the man, whom by every definition, would be seen, as an outsider in the Nigerian political arena. In the interview, we talked about the reasons he believes he can change the political status quo in Imo state which happens to be

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Nigeria police on IPOB again!

The law enforcement agencies and the Nigeria military have once again on August 17th, 2018 descended on people protesting in demand for the release of the defunct IPOB leader. He is believed to have been missing since the September of 2017 invasion of his father’s compound by the Nigeria military. The question that is left unanswered remains, why are the

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Should Catholic Church reconsider its position on priest marriage, to curb sexual abuse?

Following the just concluded trip of the pope to Dublin in Ireland, where he had to apologise for the abuse of children by catholic priests. Sex abuse within the catholic church has been an ongoing issue in the church. We thought that it might be high time the catholic church re- considers and change the long-standing rule of priests not

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The dilemma of dating a habitual cheat!

How heartless can a lady be, Knowing that a man is married and living with his wife and children and still accepts to be lodged in hotel near his home. To allow the man stay close enough to his matrimonial home. So he could pop in and out of her hotel room and still go back home to in his wife at night and over to hers the next morning doing the same and probably living her address, to another woman kept some a different hotel too,for the same purpose!

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