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Love and life 14

I felt bad for Mawuli. I was going through some relationship problems but his were massive. He wanted his wife back after she had served him with divorse papers and the boy wasnt even his son! And in all this passion I saw in his eyes, he kissed me. I guessed it was only a physical urge for him because

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Love and life 12

We both got exhausted in no time. What do you have to drink except water?I asked panting. Mawuli was breathless too. He pulled my hand up and led me to the kitchen. It was so beautiful. He didnt have expensive appliances but the choice of colour and simplicity was awesome. There was a dining table set with just 4 cute

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CORONAVIRUS is real, protect your self!!

In this video all you need to know about CORONAVIRUS is explained so take your time listen as you watch this video. IS AFRICA READY! TO DEAL WITH THIS CORONAVIRUS EPIDEMIC? Coronavirus Has Flu-Like Symptoms Including A Fever, A Cough, Or Difficulty Breathing. If You Develop Even Mild Symptoms Within 14 Days Of Visiting Specified countries you need to contact

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UK no longer a member of European Union,out of the EU to go solo!

The United Kingdom in 2016 decided to take back their destiny. After over four decades of joining the European Union, the UK voted to leave the union sighting immigration from and free movement as a big issue. UK was institutions were struggling to cope with numbers of Eu citizens coming into the country and using state services which led to

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Trump tightens immigration on Nigeria and five other countries!

Nigerians, are set to have more salt added to their injuries and sufferings which have been on the upward trends since 2015. From kidnappings, police brutality, Fulani herdsmen terrorists killings and displacing communities, Boko haram bombings and beheadings, inflation at all time high, lack of electricity, no good roads and now a ban on the opportunity to settle in the

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