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Linda Ikeji, you are very wrong !!

Trying to justify a wrong, wont make it right!  “I’ve never known love like this. I literally have tears in my eyes every time I look at him. I can’t believe he came out of me. “He is by far my greatest blessing and I’m looking forward to navigating him through life!” Honestly Linda!!?, it would have been better, in

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In the early hours of this morning, the news filtered through of the Iranians admitting they unintentionally shot down the Ukrainian plane that crashed near Tehran this week, killing 176 people, this was reported by the nation’s state media. The general staff of Iran’s armed forces said the crash Wednesday was due to human error. Iran targeted the passenger plane

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Southwest is the reason Nigeria has failed to progress!

Who is to be blamed for lack of progress in Nigeria? Whose responsible for the backwardness that has clouded the country? Since the end of the civil war in Nigeria, the north has continued to dominate and run the affairs of Nigeria, despite being the less educated and less entrepreneurial and enterprising group in the Nigeria project. How is it

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Are the Folding Phones the Future of the Smartphone Industry?

Since their inception, the smartphones have, more or less, had the same form factor of a brick with a single touchscreen. There have been changes in screen sizes which have generally gotten bigger but with lesser bezels. The screen front design has had different types of notches, including the notch-less option with the integration of pop-up front cameras. All of these changes can be viewed as

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Reviving the cocoa industry of western Nigeria

The 2015/2016 oil price plunge was the driving factor that led to Nigeria falling into a recession, due to the country’s heavy reliance on oil proceeds. The need for revenue diversification became more apparent as the recession deepened. With the current rebound in global oil prices, the increase in the pace of oil production, and gross domestic product (GDP) growth

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Love and life 6

My words seemed to ignite Henry’s sadness. I wondered if I should change the subject. “That’s just how life is.” He said in a very low tone. “It’s not fair.” I said. I could feel his pain. “I honestly don’t blame you for not liking me because I look like Adel.” I said. Then Henry giggled. “Where is this one

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Growth of Small and Medium scale businesses in Uganda

The last thirty years have seen Africa change from an economically backward continent to being the world’s most exciting economic frontier. By 2035 the number of Africans joining the work age population will surpass the rest of the world combined according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). At the moment, Africa is offering hope to more than 200 million youth

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Top 9 what to do after NYSC

It is the dawn of a new phase: NYSC is over, next level awaits you. How is it like in the job market, the labour market awaits, among millions graduated, who will be fetched, whom will it favour? Who will lead us face to face to the advanced world beckoning on us? Yes, many people gets scared as their passing

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