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Kagame and Museveni: Will This Dispute Ever Be Resolved

Yoweri Museveni and Paul Kagame, the Presidents of Uganda and Rwanda respectively will meet on Friday at the Central African countries’ shared border. This is geared towards resolving the continuing dispute between the two African leaders who for many years stood by each other’s side and gave support to one another as they climb to power in their individual countries.

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De-Redicalization of boko haram and Fulani herdsmen terrorists, a political move to siphon more money to the north!

Is this the Nigeria that you all wants to live in? Recently, we learnt that the Nigerian National Assembly’s is in the process of introducing a bill, to rehabilitate and de-radicalize terrorists in the country. The said bill which has already passed first reading in the upper legislative arm of government, is aimed at establishing a ministry that will over

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Nancy Pelosi did not say she is set to reverse the immigration ban on Nigeria!

This is to correct publication dominating some news outlets in Nigeria which reads thus; “Nancy Pelosi, is set to reverse the visa ban on Nigeria “🇳🇬. There was no such specific statements from the US law maker, ( Nancy Pelosi) The US law maker and House speaker, was only speaking as an opposition, obviously using the podium to target all

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In the early hours of this morning, the news filtered through of the Iranians admitting they unintentionally shot down the Ukrainian plane that crashed near Tehran this week, killing 176 people, this was reported by the nation’s state media. The general staff of Iran’s armed forces said the crash Wednesday was due to human error. Iran targeted the passenger plane

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Are the Folding Phones the Future of the Smartphone Industry?

Since their inception, the smartphones have, more or less, had the same form factor of a brick with a single touchscreen. There have been changes in screen sizes which have generally gotten bigger but with lesser bezels. The screen front design has had different types of notches, including the notch-less option with the integration of pop-up front cameras. All of these changes can be viewed as

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Love and life 5

That weekend I stayed indoors. I wanted to have some me time. I would admit that I missed having a boyfriend to share things with but because Dean was always available I never felt it until Adel came. My phone rung and I couldn’t believe who it was. It was Henry. I stared at the phone and contemplated answering it.

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Effect of Border closure in the Nigeria-Ghana relationship

Nigeria to some extent closed border with Benin to avoid smuggling of rice. But despite the fact that the Nigerian authorities has made it clear to the Ghanaians that the Ghanaians were not the reason for closing the border, but to reduce the amount of illegalities going on in the country between Nigeria and Benin border. Ghanaian business has been

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The Legend of the Flowing Waters The third royal family of the Rwandan royal lineage before colonization saw the king going to war and leaving the queen’s bed lonely and without action. She then has to seek pleasure from a guard named Kamagere. The guard in the queen’s quarters found himself not living up to expectation, trembling and missing the

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