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Ethiopia Defends Plans To Begin Filling Nile Dam

The grand Ethiopian modern dam has over the years been a source of tension in the Nile River Basin ever since the country broke ground on the project in 2011. Information reaching Wakeupafrica360 from our correspondence in the country stated that the country’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Workneh Gebeyehu told the UN Security Council through an open letter stated that Ethiopia

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Ethiopia And Sudan To Meet At Khartoum To Pursue Political Consultation Following Border Conflicts Between The Two Countries

According to information provided to wakeupafrica360 by our source in Ethiopia, an agreement to combat illegal activity along the border has been reached by a delegation comprising of delegates from both Ethiopia and Sudan. This was disclosed on Monday by the Ethiopian Foreign Minister thus bringing the two day long political consultation to a completion. It was gathered that the

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IMF Approves US$411 Million to Ethiopia In Support To Address The Coronavirus Pandemic

Ethiopia as a country is seriously going through an economic breakdown which can be attributed to the coronavirus pandemic and in urgent need of an approach that will bring stability to the country’s balance of payment. In light of this, the IMF under the Rapid Financing Instrument approved the sum of US411 million for emergency assistance to the country. The

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Ethiopia Will Explode If It Does Not Move Beyond Ethnic- Based Politics

Oromo Nationalism played vital role in bringing to power Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed but this could be proven disastrous as the Prime Minister, in order to hold the country together must convince the various Ethnic groups that he and his new cabinet together with his party represent the interest of all Ethiopians. The Prime Minister received a Nobel Peace Prize

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Owing to the cheap and easy travel to Africa, the continent has now become the world’s second fastest growing tourist industry and the government driving the tourism business through new initiatives. In 2018, tourism and travel were paramount to the continent’s economy accounting for almost 8.1% of GDP and equally contributing $194.2 billion to the region’s economy. The tourism industry

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The Tension over a Dam

Geopolitical issues is normal between countries around the world and Africa is having its own share of that over a number of countries. Ghana is battling the hot issues of bother closures which is stifling businesses and livelihood on both sides of the divide. This gets up close and personal too between some east African regions especially as Ethiopia is

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The Death of Elias Melka – The Death of Modern Ethiopian Music

  It is true that the person who arguably brought the modern era of Ethiopian music has finally passed away! This tragic news was heard and the entire Ethiopian music lovers were shocked. One reason is that they claim Elias Melka was the only one alive who single handedly brought a revolution in the Modern Ethiopian music industry. Elias Melka

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How Successive Governments, Have Transformed Ethiopia

Lately, Ethiopia has seen in what could be termed as a renaissance in its economic, politics and social activities. Some of them leading to a strengthening of its foreign relations and some others leading to a dispute with its neighboring countries. Here we chose to look at the country’s current situation from the government’s perspectives. Ethiopia, having its new Prime

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