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The dilemma of dating a habitual cheat!

How heartless can a lady be, Knowing that a man is married and living with his wife and children and still accepts to be lodged in hotel near his home. To allow the man stay close enough to his matrimonial home. So he could pop in and out of her hotel room and still go back home to in his wife at night and over to hers the next morning doing the same and probably living her address, to another woman kept some a different hotel too,for the same purpose!

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Ghana’s Banking Crisis: How Ex-President Mahama’s Brother GHC302M Debt Collapsed UT Bank

President Mahama (Left), Brother Ibrahim Mahama (Right)

A leaked report of how UT Bank collapsed in 2017, commissioned by the Bank of Ghana (BoG) has revealed that the brother of ex-president John Mahama, Ibrahim Mahama, was among those who heavily owed the bank, leading to its eventual collapse. A loan facility of GHC302 Million ($65M) was extended to the businessman’s four companies, without following proper banking procedures

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UK Arbitrator Awards 160 Million USD Against University of Ghana

A United Kingdom-based arbitration court has awarded a cost of 160 Million Dollars against University of Ghana, in a matter involving the construction of some buildings for the university. The August 2 ruling, indicated the University of Ghana’s claims that due diligence was not followed in its own contract with the project contractors was untrue. The company, Africa Integras entered

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CID Stops $70M Bank Theft, Grabs 12 Suspects Made Up of Ghanaians & Nigerians

Twelve (12) suspected cyber-criminals made up of Ghanaians and Nigerians, have been arrested by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service for an attempted bank theft amounting to 326 Million Cedis ($70 Million), in the biggest ever cybercrime burst in Ghana. An Accra Circuit Court on Friday, 27th July, remanded 11 out of the 12 suspects into

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