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Court To Hear FG’s $69M Crude Oil Shipment Suit Against Chevron, Total In Feb

Before now the Federal Government of Nigeria filed a law suit against Chevron Nigeria Ltd, and Chevron Petroleum Nigeria Ltd, as first and second defendants. The &69M crude oil shipment case was adjourned previously at the Court of Appeal to Tuesday December 4, had been moved to Feb 13, as the court did not sit.because the judge, Justice Mojisola Olatoregun

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Choosing a presidential candidate, for the up coming 2019 presidential elections!

Nigeria’s democracy may be in trouble after all The voting population appear confused and clueless of what they need to do or how they should vote, in other to change the status quo. The public opinion has been that of “our votes don’t count anyway, implying that the politicians manufacture election results” An average Nigerian have little or no understanding

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The Nigerian Pastors And Their Nigerian god!

One life for the money and the other……. ( shine your eyes, Africans) Christianity, that is supposed to be the role model setter for others to follow, has been hijacked by dubious entities in Africa, especially Nigeria. The picture you are seeing is supposed to be an example of a Christian way of life and that of a none “born

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President Akufo-Addo & Buhari Meet Over Nigerian Retailers In Ghana

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has re-assured Nigerian retail businesses in Ghana that they are not being targeted, and that the cordial relationship between both countries will not be taken for granted. President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari, disclosed this in a tweet after he had met Nana Akufo-Addo, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York. “The

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Breaking News: Adams Oshiomole Admits Osun Elections Was Rigged

Thursday’s Osun rerun elections has left everyone shocked as to how APC unexpectedly won, having previously lost in the Saturdays’ initial elections before INEC declared the results inconclusive. While the Adeleke PDP fraction is insisting on seeking legal redress, Adams Oshiomole APC National Chairman, made a big blunder while addressing the media regarding the Osun elections. Adams Oshiomola said “I

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United States To Deport Over 7000 Ghanaians After Diplomatic Agreement With Ghana

Ghana’s Ambassador to the United States, Dr. Baffour Adjei-Bawuah, has revealed that Ghana has reached a diplomatic understanding with US authorities to deport 7000 Ghanaians from the country. Dr. Adjei-Bawuah indicated that there is no longer any dispute with the nationality of the affected persons, which had been a bone of contention earlier. He said American Immigration Office has every

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