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Self-Driving Cars: Practical or Sci-Fi?

In the modern age, cars have become a necessity for completing our daily commutes to work and other places. As the number of car grows with each passing year, the process of driving becomes more stressful due to greater frequency of traffic jams and longer rush hours. This is where self-driving cars can step in. The idea that a car

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In the early hours of this morning, the news filtered through of the Iranians admitting they unintentionally shot down the Ukrainian plane that crashed near Tehran this week, killing 176 people, this was reported by the nation’s state media. The general staff of Iran’s armed forces said the crash Wednesday was due to human error. Iran targeted the passenger plane

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Love and life 6

My words seemed to ignite Henry’s sadness. I wondered if I should change the subject. “That’s just how life is.” He said in a very low tone. “It’s not fair.” I said. I could feel his pain. “I honestly don’t blame you for not liking me because I look like Adel.” I said. Then Henry giggled. “Where is this one

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Love and life 5

That weekend I stayed indoors. I wanted to have some me time. I would admit that I missed having a boyfriend to share things with but because Dean was always available I never felt it until Adel came. My phone rung and I couldn’t believe who it was. It was Henry. I stared at the phone and contemplated answering it.

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Owing to the cheap and easy travel to Africa, the continent has now become the world’s second fastest growing tourist industry and the government driving the tourism business through new initiatives. In 2018, tourism and travel were paramount to the continent’s economy accounting for almost 8.1% of GDP and equally contributing $194.2 billion to the region’s economy. The tourism industry

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The Almond Industry in Africa

The almond is a specie of tree native to the Mediterranean climate of the Middle East but it is widely cultivated in several other nations. With loads of health benefits that come from almond including vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein amongst others, it is a tree of utmost important. In both developing and developed world, the demand for this fruit has

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