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Owing to the cheap and easy travel to Africa, the continent has now become the world’s second fastest growing tourist industry and the government driving the tourism business through new initiatives. In 2018, tourism and travel were paramount to the continent’s economy accounting for almost 8.1% of GDP and equally contributing $194.2 billion to the region’s economy. The tourism industry

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The Almond Industry in Africa

The almond is a specie of tree native to the Mediterranean climate of the Middle East but it is widely cultivated in several other nations. With loads of health benefits that come from almond including vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein amongst others, it is a tree of utmost important. In both developing and developed world, the demand for this fruit has

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Refresh Rates in Smartphones

A common complaint amongst audible section of tech enthusiasts and its innovation in smartphones is dead. This basically implies that most phones essentially look and feelthe same. A quick glance at the smartphone market shows that there is ample evidence to support this point of view. Visually, you would find many smartphones with colorful gradient backs and notches on the

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Ghana: Senior Military Officers Detained Over Coup Plot

WakeUpAfrica360 has gathered that at least two senior military officers of the Ghana Armed Forces have been detained by the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) for questioning, over an alleged coup plot targeted at the presidency. Lawyer for one of the three persons being held over the alleged plot, Victor Adawudu, revealed Tuesday that the two officers whose names he

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Sudan’s Bashir Got Millions From Saudi Crown Prince, Investigator Tells Court

Sudan’s ousted president Omar Hassan al-Bashir acknowledged receiving Millions of Dollars from Saudi Arabia, a police detective told a court on Monday, at the start of a corruption trial that many Sudanese thought they would never see. Bashir listened to the testimony without comment, sitting in a metal cage and wearing traditional white robes and a turban in his first

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American TV star Steve Harvey in Ghana for Year of Return

The Year of Return, an initiative aimed at marking 400 years since the first black slaves landed in Jamestown Virginia is taking off like fire. Already, the initiative that urges Africans in the diaspora to come back home, has seen an array of celebrities make their way into Ghana to explore, learn and appreciate their roots. American television star, Steve

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The ‘Trump Wall’ is up in Europe as 500 migrants remain stranded in the Mediterranean

The European response to the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” of illegal migration has largely been one of outrage and disgust but, is Europe any different? For many in Africa and the Middle East, Europe’s migration policies are not so different from Trump’s. Many Europeans take umbrage at Trump’s attacks. But even if they don’t subscribe to his “zero tolerance” approach

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Woman Who Created Fake Account To Test Boyfriend’s Fidelity Was Left Shocked

Nurse Akosuah May

A twitter post sighted by wakeupafrica360 has revealed the lengths at which a woman went to test her boyfriend’s fidelity. The woman who created a fake online account to chat up her own boyfriend anonymously was shocked when he responded that his girlfriend had died. Nurse Akosuah May, from Accra in Ghana, tweeted her dismay and racked up over 152.9K likes.

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