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Fun Wristwatches To Buy

Wristwatches have been a fashion accessory for many years. They are one of the few fashion accessories besides being nice for your wardrobe, serves another purpose which is telling you the time. Watches come in many sizes, shapes and colors. There are men’s watches, women’s watches and even some specifically designed for children. Different trends come and go, but below

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F1 Bahrain Grand Prix

Qualifying As usual, traditional proceedings is Friday, Practice : Teams fine tune their cars for qualifying on Saturday. SaturdayQ1, Q2, Q3: The qualifying, to determine who starts the race on pole, the driver with the fastest lap time starts on pole. Sunday : The Race day, so much adrenaline and anticipation. Who is going to be on pole ? It’s

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China’s Control Of The African Market Shareholders

China has got one of the fastest growing economies in recent history. They produce almost everything and sell to the rest of the world. In Africa these days, almost everything is from China, from clothes right down to safety matches and they are all very cheap. If you aren’t familiar with the ‘China price’ phenomenon, it practically means products made

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How to repeat clothes, fashionably

In times when people are focused more on investing and strong financial decisions it’s getting harder for the average person to have a very big wardrobe. It’s very important to look good but at what expense? Luckily there are very creative ways to wear the same outfit several times and look very fresh and unique each time. Below are top

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Mali President Sack’s Army Generals, Disbands Militia After Massacre

Mali’s President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, sacked and replaced two army generals and disbanded an anti-jihadi militia group on Sunday, a day after gunmen massacred 134 Fulani herders in the country’s troubled Central Region. The ethnic bloodshed took place less than a week, after a deadly assault by jihadists on an army post killed at least 23 soldiers, also in Mali’s

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More Than 120 Fulani Villagers Killed In Mali Massacre

More than 120 people were killed in an attack on a village in Central Mali, on Saturday, by armed men wearing traditional Dogon hunters’ clothing. Gunmen surrounded the village at dawn before attacking people in their homes in Ogossagou, in the Mopti region. The attackers targeted members of the Fulani ethnic community, who are accused of having ties to jihadists.

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