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Trade Fair, An International Market In Lagos State “Shut Down!

Post 2019 presidential and gubernatorial elections events unfolding in Lagos state. It appeared that the shutdown of Trade-Fair International Market, yesterday was allegedly as a consequence of Igbo’s in Lagos not voting for APC government according to our sources in the market. Trade fair is an international exhibition centre in Lagos. Igbo traders were giving permission in the early 1990’s

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Algerians Hold The Largest Anti-Bouteflika Demonstration

Is this the last cusp of freedom for Algerians, or does Bouteflika have one last play? Thousands of Algerians gathered in the capital to demand the immediate resignation of President, despite him dropping his bid for a fifth term. On March 11th, the President announced that he would no longer be returning for the fifth term. But it appears his

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In Every Part Of Nigeria, Igbo’s Have Suffered Unending Threats

Following the just concluded presidential elections in Nigeria, which the oppositions have rejected the results as announced by the INEC. Our attention at wakeUpAfrica360.com have been drawn to the threats that is being projected to befall the Igbo’s in Lagos. Igbo’s are one of the three major tribes in the country and they occupy the southeastern part of the Nigeria.

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Top 10 African Powers Ranked By Military Strength

For centuries, the African continent has been beset with fighting, political upheaval and oppression. A 2019 report by Global Fire Power has ranked 34 countries in Africa according to their military power. The report focused on each nation’s potential war-making capability across land, sea and air, fought with conventional weapons. This report will focus on the top ten strongest military

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Violence Mar Elections In Okota, As Thugs Attack Officials & Voters

Most areas in Lagos State, reported a peaceful electoral process in the presidential and National Assembly elections which held in Nigeria today. But same cannot be said for Ago Palace Way, Okota. The Isolo area is highly populated by Ibos, and the likelihood that they may vote for other parties especially the PDP is very high. The violence happened on

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Nigerians In Ghana Blame ‘Incompetent’ Buhari For Election Postponement

Some Nigerian residents in Ghana, have expressed shock and disappointment at the postponement of the Nigeria’s presidential and National Assembly elections hours before voting was scheduled to start, blaming incumbent President Buhari for the decision. Announcing the postponement of the polls about 3 a.m. last Saturday, the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Professor Mahmood Yakubu, said: “Following

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