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National Pension Commission Sets Up Pension Plan For Nigerian Entrepreneurs

Self-employed Nigerians and entrepreneurs are about to enjoy the pension plan along with their working-class colleagues. And that is because the National Pension Commission, has announced that it is launching a Micro Pension Plan. This plan is targeted at the self-employed and persons working in organizations with fewer than 3 employees. With this plan, these category of people can now

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These 5 Defining Ideas Would Transform Your Business Journey

Money is not the ProblemYour disposition about becoming a successful entrepreneur should never be informed by your possessions (material). Building a successful business is neither the reserve of the poor, nor the rich in society. Your outlook about becoming a successful entrepreneur must always correspond with the potency of your idea. All successful entrepreneurs recognize that the first ingredient needed

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How To Think Like The Wealthiest One Percent In The World

The famous entrepreneur, author and businessman Zig Ziglar once said that “Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will”. To become a successful businessman, you must learn to maintain your originality and think as a winner. Thinking positive may be a very difficult task especially under circumstances when everything seems to be against you. But to

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Powerful Tips from 5 of the Top Businesswomen in Africa

Grace Obeng

Over the years, many African women have been conditioned to believe that their place is only reserved for the kitchen, but these five business women are cut from a different cloth because they refused to settle for the mundane. They have defied the norm and set themselves apart as women the younger generation could look up to. Here are 5

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