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Breaking News; MTN Shuts Down Operations In Nigeria Until Further Notice

The management of MTN Nigeria Communications Plc has announced the closure of all its stores and centres across the country over the xenophobic attacks in South Africa. The telecommunications giant, in a statement issued to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), stated that it decided to shut down its stores because of retaliatory attack on its facilities in Nigeria. In the

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Dolapo Osinbajo Has Lived Among Prostitutes In Lagos

Do you know that the Wife of the Vice President, Oludolapo Osinbajo has worked among prostitutes and area boys before? Well, Dolapo recalled that experience after watching the play, “Area Boy’’, which reminded her of the time she spent working in the slums of Lagos amongst area boys and prostitutes. According to the statement, which was published by the PR

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While Ganduje Reduces Sanusi’s Status In Kano, Sanusi Gets UN Appointment + MTN Non-Eexcutive Director Positions

Sanusi, the Emir of Kano, can aptly be described as the proverbial cat with nine lives. This is because, while all the attempts by Ganduje to enthrone more Emirs into the Kano Emirate was going on, in the absence of Muhammadu Sanusi who was on a lesser hajj in Saudi Arabia, the latter was getting international appointments. Sanusi only returned

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