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President Buhari Forges Stronger Debt Ties With China

President Buhari made his first official visit to China last week, but that was not the major highlight of the trip. The major highlight was that the First Lady Aisha Buhari, and their daughter were part of the President’s entourage. In fact, wailers had a field day claiming that President Buhari went on the trip with his family, thereby turning

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  A fire broke out at Ecobank Head Office in Kofo Abayomi Victoria Island at about 9am this morning. The fire according to sources, was caused by a diesel tanker which was discharging fuel at the bank premises. The fire which razed a huge part of the building fortunately did not spread to neighboring buildings. The staff of Ecobank succeeded

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Is Nigeria At The Brink!

The National Assembly is also divided along party lines These generation of Nigerian youths, may in fact be judged to be cowardice and less forward thinking in the history of the country. They appear to be clueless, in regards to who they should elect to the position of leadership. These are but some of the characteristics that have kept them

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