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Powerful Tips from 5 of the Top Businesswomen in Africa

Grace Obeng

Over the years, many African women have been conditioned to believe that their place is only reserved for the kitchen, but these five business women are cut from a different cloth because they refused to settle for the mundane. They have defied the norm and set themselves apart as women the younger generation could look up to. Here are 5

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Nigerians on the streets not happy with PMB’s suspension of CJN (watch Videos)

AFRICA360 TV ( Youtube channel) was on the streets of Lagos, in the light of the heated and tense situation in Nigeria as the election approaches. The ruling party (APC) is alleged to be violating constitutional rules out of desperation to remain in power. AFRICA360 TV thought it would be helpful to ask Nigerians what they think about the presidents

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Our new YouTube channel ( AFRICA360 TV) is on!

AFRICA360 TV YouTube channel was conceptualised in line with the wakeupafrica360.com idea of bringing Africa to you, and all things that effects the continent red, hot and undiluted to you It is our objective to entertain you and your families while keeping you informed at the same time. Our contents will continue to change from time time and we will

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Tell us about your experience with Police in your country

We are very keen to know your experience with your local police force. Share your experience with us and may publish your story. Just follow the link on our website; click on menu, select contact us, follow the instructions to write your story on the comments section. Alternatively, you can send us an email on wakeupafrica360@gmail.com Do not let that

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Buhari appoints Modibbo Tukur, as The Director of Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit

President Buhari, has nominated Modibbo Hamman Tukur for the position of Director of the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU). This was contained in a statement made in Abuja by Mr Femi Adesina, the President’s Special adviser on media and publicity , on monday. According to him the appointment was in accordance with the provision of Section 5(1) of the Nigerian

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In a true democracy the military has no power over civilians!!

To demonstrate that Nigeria is yet to understand what democracy truly means. The Nigerian military unilaterally invaded a daily newspaper. Their reasons are that the newspaper published an article which in their view sided with terrorists. So the military took the decision to invade the newspaper office and short it down. How can military take such action, in a democracy

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